How To Buy

Select Your Vehicle

Select the right Japanese pre-owned vehicle. You can likewise profit from our Advance Search work at the top. Pay special attention to your necessity and inclination. You can choose any Japanese vehicle from our stock here.

Negotiate with Our Sales Agent​

Click “Get Quote” button to ask for it. Finish up the structure with every exact detail. One of our expert deals staff will reach out to you quickly. We will direct you to the Total Cost of the vehicle including Shipping. Kindly try to make reference to your cash and  transporting type to get the cargo rate. It’s additional in the FOB cost.

Generate Your Invoice and & Complete the payment​

One affirmed, we will send you the Performa receipt and you can pay the sum by Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer) the prescribed strategy to import vehicles from japan.

Get Your Shipping Documents

We are glad to offer quickest delivering everywhere. You ought to accept your transportation data & documentation and plan to accept your Japanese trade-in vehicles. Meanwhile our client service will continuously be in contact with you. 

You ought to get the Export Certificate, Customer Invoice, Bill of Landing (BL) and , the wide range of various archives relying upon your nation guidelines. 

Collect Your Vehicle

 Kindly contact your neighborhood Customs office or clearing specialist to make clearing methods, or we can likewise give you the assistance of clearing your vehicle with our own office. 
Drive and Enjoy your fantasy Japanese pre-owned car. This is the Picture the way you can Import Japanese trade-in vehicles from japan.